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Founded in 1992, MX-TECH grew exponentially. Magazines such as Motocross Action, DirtRider, and Dirt Bike featured glowing reviews of MX-TECH’s suspension tuning and products. Websites, internet forums, and printed books feature his advice and articles. Capitalizing on the success MX-TECH was becoming an internationally respected company. Today MX-TECH continues on its mission, developing cutting edge technology, working with the best in the industry, and sharing our passion with the public by offering the best in products, and customer support. Jeremy has established trade with leading businesses around the world, works one on one with other leading professionals to advance the technology and understanding of suspension design and theory.

Philosophy: MX-TECH strives to build suspension that is both plush and controlled. We don’t just make your suspension stiffer or softer; we address all aspects, all components and build you something that works with a controlled, plush, and stable feel. We believe that only by taking a holistic approach to tuning, balancing spring rate, piston design, and valve settings that a rider can have the most control and the least compromise.


Moto-Tek Fork and Shock Rebuild …………………….$95( Per End Plus Parts)

The most important service we offer. Our rebuild is complete, thorough and the base point for all our service offerings. Before work has started everything is pressure washed, then completely disassembled and cleaned, inspected and measured for wear. All fork tubes and shock shafts are polished on our lathe with a three step process. Minor imperfections and burns are removed, and your forks move with reduced friction and seal life is prolonged. As an incentive for maximizing your suspension investment, Moto-Tek always updates suspension that has been previously valved by us to Mx-Tech’s latest specifications. As technology advances, you can continue to take advantage of our research. You will not find a more thorough rebuild anywhere.

. Complete dissemble, cleaning and inspection of all parts.
. Valving updates / changes included at no charge for MXT revalved suspension.
. 3 step chrome polishing on lathe.
. Reassembly using High quality Maxima fluids and vacuum pump system.

MX-Tech Revalving (Forks: KYB, SHOWA, WP. Shocks: KYB, SHOWA)...............$250 Per End

MX-Tech revalving allows you to get the maximum control and comfort from your suspension by tuning all components of the system to produce effective and balanced change. We completely service your components and reassemble your suspension with our exclusive revalving technology specifically designed according to your weight, height, riding style ability and terrain. Clickers are set at a starting point and a tuning guide along with a specification sheet and T-shirt are included with the cost.

. Complete rebuild service.
. Comprehensive system level changes to the suspension system. Including midvalve, basevalve, shims and rebound settings.
. Use of exclusive MXT technology to produce the maximum performance,
and reduced compromise.

MX-TECH E7 for Showa and KYB Forks………………………………..$599

Our most recent technology adaptation for Showa and KYB forks. The Element uses a gas charged bladder for the cartridge that reduces the compounding forces of spring, air spring and friction common to the Showa TC forks. The
E7 is the ultimate set-up for those looking for the advantages of a purely speed sensitive set-up. Plush, and controlled, with out making the fork mushy.

. Complete Rebuild
. Complete Revalve
. E7 gas fork cartridge system

MX-TECH CLP Revalving for WP PDS SHOCKS (Big bike and the 85-105)...................$449

Our CLP PDS revalve is legendary for its reputation as transforming KTM WP PDS shocks into the best handling bikes on the track. Eliminating the Typical issues surrounding the KTM and making it feel like a linkage system.

Breaking bumps, whoops, and jumps no longer be feared. Recently we added a new platform valve that increases low-speed compression improving chassis stability and increasing square edge compliance. Our system is the best solution for the KTM, having outperformed all other solutions including the Ohlins TTX series shock.

. Complete rebuild service.
. Complete Revalve service.
. MXT CLP, with Platform, needle system, that creates plush, stable, and controlled response for your KTM suspension.

Moto-Tek Lowering Services………………………………..............Price Varies

Using MX-TECH we use their exclusive CNC billet aluminum spacers with DU bushings for the fork limiters, and Nylon shock spacers. This guarantees smooth action and performance with no long-term issues with wear. All MX-TECH lowering services are fully reversible. Commonly used for the vertically challenged, Supermoto, and DTX. While revalving is possible for bike lowering, we prefer not to lower and revalve suspension at the same time.


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