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I started my motorcycle industry career at age 18 at PSI Performance. I was in the R&D Department for a little over two years. I did everything from routine services to building race engines, flow benching pipes & heads and working the Dyno. After PSI moved their business out to mountainous territory, I decided to fatten up my resume and enroll at MMI in Phoenix AZ. I attended MMI from November 2004-December 2005 and graduated with a 4.0 GPA, all while attending YAMA Pro and Suzuki Fast Programs. While attending school I went to work for Palo Verde Suspension. I received a great understanding of what I was really missing out on tuning suspension. My graduation time was fast approaching and I was undecided on what I was going to do. Dealership environment was never for me. Suspension was still new to me and I wanted to broaden my skills. Jeremy at Mx-Tech Took me under his wing and trained me with his knowledge and skills. After a year I started my own business rebuilding engines and selling aftermarket parts while working at Mx-Tech, and that was the birth of Moto-Tek.

I enjoyed the different types of work instead of focusing on just one particular service. This broadened my horizons and raised my aspiration to offer more to our customers. Two and a half years after I set foot at Mx-tech, I decided to move to Alaska. Here I am now, still doing what I love, racing motocross, helping out fellow riders and keeping the sport going. So allow me to prove my skilled craftsmanship to you without draining the funds you need to support your passion.


.Brandon Bauer Degrees



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